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Web browsers – Enabling Third Party Cookies

Microsoft Edge (Chromium) – edge://settings/content/cookies Microsoft Edge (Old) Google – chrome://settings/content/cookies?search=cookies Firefox –

Administration Task User Manuals

Avaya 1608 Phone User Manual Avaya 1608 Manual Avaya 1403 Phone User Manual Avaya 1403 Manual SIMS Quick Start Guide This can be viewed via the SIMS applications from the menu shown below

LanSchool – Observing Student Activity

To monitor computer lab usage during lesson, teachers can use a program called LanSchool. On the teachers machine, the LanSchool icon is present in the task bar system tray: Click on the icon to show the LanSchool menu and then click on “LanSchool Console” The following website details using the teacher console in class: https://www.lenovosoftware.com/support/lanschool/tutorials

Box of Broadcasts

Box of Broadcasts is a school service that give staff access to broadcast television content. You can: Access TV shows broadcast from 1990 onwards Create your own clips and playlists Share your content with colleagues Display subtitles on videos Record missed programs from the last 30 days Download programs  

Audacity Tutorials

For guidance on using Audacity for audio editing, see: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorials.html

Serif Suite Tutorials

Tutorial Guides PagePlus X7 Tutorial WebPlus X7 Tutorial PhotoPlus X6 Tutorial DrawPlus X6 Tutorial MoviePlus X6 Tutorial  

Booking a room

At CCS we use a web based system called the “Room Booking” system. You use your network credentials to login to this website. One logged into the site you will see the below interface. You can browse between categories of rooms. Choosing a category, will give you a overview for the week showing which slots are …