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Remote Desktop – Struggling with Remote Desktop Performance? Alternative Remote Working Guidance

If you are working in a location that has limited broadband capacity or wireless is limited in certain parts of your residence, you may find that having a continuous connection to the Remote Desktop is not feasible. This could impact your ability to work on the remote desktop successfully. This article aims to give school …

Microsoft Forms – How to

Microsoft Forms is the school provided equivalent to Google Forms. We recommend using the school provided system to produce forms as part of our data protection requirement. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/sign-in-to-microsoft-forms-620daa7a-3e03-4013-8f92-5cce86210ef6

OneDrive – Why use OneDrive?

View the below video to find out the advantages to using your school OneDrive to store work.

Using Microsoft Forms

Get started quickly Get more done! Create a form or quiz with questions, define settings, share your form, and check the results—in a few easy steps. Step 1: Sign in with your Office 365 school or work credentials and create a new form or quiz Step 2: Adjust settings for your form or quiz Step 3: Send your form or quiz to …

Office 365 waffle

You may be asked to use the Office 365 waffle to access Office 365 services. To see the waffle, you need to be signed into Office 365 Sign in The waffle lives in the top left corner of the screen: And when pressed, shows all of your assigned Office 365 apps

Office 365 – Installing on Windows

To install Office for free, sign into Office 365 with your school username and password and then follow the video below: Sign in to Office 365