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OneDrive – Opening Files Directly from Office

If you are on a machine that cannot support the sync client (i.e. Remote Desktop), you can still access your files stored in OneDrive directly from the Office applications. Tip You can also use the same method to save files. Use File -> Save and then follow the same procedure below Steps: Click on File …

OneDrive – Why use OneDrive?

View the below video to find out the advantages to using your school OneDrive to store work.

Office 365 – How to download for Free

Office and Office 365 can be accessed over a number of devices or via a web browser. Office as a desktop application is available for Windows and Mac OS. Mobile devices have Office apps installable from their respective stores. Guides for installing are below: Office for Desktop (Windows and Mac OS) Office for iOS (iPhone …

Office 2016 – Compressing images in Office documents

Reducing the overall file size of a document can help when emailing, printing and general use of a document. Most file size reduction can be achieve via image compression. For example a 200Mb document, could be reduced to a 2Mb document. A reduction of 99% of the file size. To compress the images in a …

Office 2016 – Save to PDF

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher support printing to PDF. This can help you resolve issues with printing out documents or make a document smaller when you want to email it to another person.

OneDrive Client Windows

You can use clients to access your school OneDrive storage. This allows you to access the files that you have stored in OneDrive in a more intuitive manner and on many different types of device. Clients are available on: Windows iOS Android Setup and Install on Windows Windows 10 will already come installed with the …

Office 365 – Installing on Windows

To install Office for free, sign into Office 365 with your school username and password and then follow the video below: Sign in to Office 365

Connecting Office for Windows to your school account

You can connect Office 2016 to your school account. This allows you to save files into your school supplied OneDrive and open work from your school OneDrive