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Connecting to a Teams Public Live Event

Connecting on a Desktop or Laptop Occasionally the school will arrange public live events via our Microsoft Teams platform. The following guide will show you how to join a event from your home PC. Step 1: You will receive a live event weblink. You use this link to join the event at the specified time. …

Microsoft Teams – First Time User Help

Accessing Teams via a web browser Go to: https://teams.microsoft.com Login with your school email address: e.g. 00asmith@ccs.northants.sch.uk and your school network password   Download the Teams Client onto your Device Click this link to download the teams client for your Device – https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/microsoft-365/microsoft-teams/download-app Install the teams client and then Log in with your school email …

Teams – Accessing Teams files using Windows Explorer

You can access files stored in Microsoft Teams via Windows Explorer using the X: Drive Step 1: Using the start menu select “This PC” Step 2: The X: Drive is listed under Devices and Drives Step 3: Inside this drive you should see all the Teams sites that you are a member of

Microsoft Teams – Marking Assignments
Microsoft Teams – Add Assignment
Microsoft Teams – Create a Folder / Upload a File
Microsoft Teams – Creating a class


Microsoft Teams – Overview

Microsoft has published two special online webinars since the event of the COVID-19 virus. These webinars discuss how to use teams for distance learning. If you are intereasted in this, please see the links below: Online classes & lectures with all your students Online meetings with student groups or anyone via their email Microsoft Teams …