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Front of Class IT – Introduction

Each CCS classroom comes equipped with a Front of Class PC. A standard room will have a projector and a audio system connected to the PC. Some rooms also have interactive whiteboards installed. More specialised rooms, such as the main hall, also have microphone support on top of the standard audio. Diagnosing audio and visual …

Understanding the Remote Desktop

The remote desktop system gives staff and students the ability to sign into a Windows desktop from a remote location. It supports connection from a home PC and across the wireless network on campus. When you connect to the remote desktop, you are connecting to a server farm in the schools server room. This gives you …

OneDrive Client Android

You can access your OneDrive files on a Android device (Phone / Tablet) via the OneDrive app. You can download the app from here. OneDrive App Once the App is on your device, launch it and login with your school email address ( and password

OneDrive Client iOS

You can access your OneDrive files on a iOS device (iPhone / iPad) via the OneDrive app. You can download the app from here. OneDrive Once the App is on your device, launch it and login with your school email address ( and password

OneDrive Client Windows

You can use clients to access your school OneDrive storage. This allows you to access the files that you have stored in OneDrive in a more intuitive manner and on many different types of device. Clients are available on: Windows iOS Android Setup and Install on Windows Windows 10 will already come installed with the …

Front of Class IT – Checking Audio

If you are experiencing audio problems, you can check some of the basics with the below guide. Is the PC set to mute or a low volume On the right hand side of the task bar, there should be a volume icon that you can increase and decrease using the mouse pointer. Is the Amplifier turned off …

School systems and their required credentials

The school uses various IT systems, below categorises the credentials you are expected to use with each system School Network Credentials Networked Computer (Admin Stations, Lab PC, Front of Class PC’s, Laptops) Remote Desktop Open Wireless School IP (Online CPD) Room Booking System Office 365 (Webmail, Online Storage) VLE SIMS Credentials SIMS Desktop Application Insight Reporting …

Connecting to school wireless

How you select a wireless network will differ dependant on device. This article will give you a overview on how the wireless and connection to the internet works. Via your device, connect to the CCS-OpenWireless network. Launch a web browser, and try to connect to a site such as ““. You will be prompted to …

Install Office for iOS

Before you start: Office for iOS is downloaded from the Apple Store. Click here to launch the store. Office for iOS stores documents in OneDrive. Step 1: Launch the store from the link above and then select the Office apps that you want to install Step 2: Launch one of the Office apps, you will …

Office 365 – Installing on Windows

To install Office for free, sign into Office 365 with your school username and password and then follow the video below: Sign in to Office 365

Connecting Office for Windows to your school account

You can connect Office 2016 to your school account. This allows you to save files into your school supplied OneDrive and open work from your school OneDrive  

Install Office for Android

Before you Start: Office for Android is downloaded via the Play Store. Click here to launch Office for Android stores documents in your school OneDrive Step 1: Launch the store from the above link and select the Office applications you want to download School supported apps are Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook  

Storing work on OneDrive

What is OneDrive? Caroline Chisholm School OneDrive provides 1TB of free online storage. You can access your school OneDrive on any school PC via windows explorer or via the O: Drive on remote desktop. You can access the files stored in OneDrive on your own personal devices, such as laptops, tablets and phones (iOS and Android). Your …

Export bookmarks from Chrome

Open Chrome. In the to right. Click: . Select Bookmarks Bookmark Manager. In the manager, click the “Organize” menu. Select Export bookmarks. Chrome will export your bookmarks as an HTML file, which you can then import into another browser

Third Party Service Status

Office 365 (Service Status via Twitter – Offsite access only) SchoolComms Franking Machine

Front of Class IT – Working with Projectors

If your projector is not showing the screen as expected, please follow the checklist below: Is the PC set to Duplicate or Extend its screens? Are the ports all connected? Are both the PC and Projector turned on? Are you on the Remote Desktop? Is the computer set to “Duplicate” its screen? The PC needs to be …