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Mobility Print (Onsite only)

Requirements: To setup and use the mobility print features you need to be connected to the school wireless network.

Step 1: In school connect to the “CCS-Wireless” network and visit the below link:

You will be presented with instructions that relate to your device, read the instructions and run the install process. This will create printers on your device that you can then use to print from.

When asked to fill in your username, enter it in the following format:

BYOD – Laptop Specifications – Sixth Form


As a Sixth Form student at Caroline Chisholm School it is advantageous to bring your own device with you to aid your learning. As a school, we are increasingly shifting our resources online and collaborating through services such as Microsoft Teams. It is very likely that a lot of your lessons will include a digital element to them and that nearer exam time revision materials will be provided to you via online services.

Therefore we strongly recommend bringing your own device to school to aid your day to day learning.

Key Facts

  • Wireless internet is available site wide
  • Office 365 is available for free to students, no need to purchase a license whilst learning with us
  • Assignments and other class materials will be delivered in a digital format
  • School work can be accessed at home and at school
  • The type of device you need may vary depending on the courses you are taking

Click here to find out how to download office for your device

Supported Devices

The majority of course material will be delivered online, this means that most of it will be viewable via a web browser or via applications such as Microsoft Teams. This allows you to be more flexible when deciding on a device to bring to school. If for example you prefer to use a iPad, then the majority of course material will be accessible on this device. If you wish to use a Chromebook the same is also true.


You do also need to consider the limitations of these platforms and if the courses you are choosing to take require any traditional desktop applications. If for example you are taking Computer Science, you may have a requirement to use software such as Unity or Blender. If you are taking a course that relies on a lot of submitted documents, you may wish to choose a device that can run the desktop version of office. If unsure of the course requirements, check with the Sixth Form Team.

Base Recommendation

Windows 10 Laptop

  • Processor i5 or AMD Equivalent (Currently AMD Ryzen 5)
  • 256 SSD Hard Disk
  • 8GB of Ram
  • 14 – 15inch Screen
  • 7 Hour + battery life

Benefits: Supports the full Office Package (Free from the school), OneDrive file sync, Teams Client, Curriculum Software.

Note: These Office 365 Services are also available on other platforms but functionality and experience may vary. Some curriculum software may not be available on mobile platforms (such as iPad)


Connecting to a Teams Public Live Event

Connecting on a Desktop or Laptop

Occasionally the school will arrange public live events via our Microsoft Teams platform. The following guide will show you how to join a event from your home PC.

Step 1: You will receive a live event weblink. You use this link to join the event at the specified time. You can join the live event before it starts if you wish to be prepared.

Step 2: You can view the live event via the link using your devices web browser. You may be prompted to install the Microsoft Teams application, but you are not required to do this to view the event.

Step 3: Select Join Anonymously

Step 3: If the live event supports Q&A you can open the sidebar via the icon highlighted and ask a question via the “Ask a question” button. Answers may either appear in the sidebar or via the live speaker hosting the event.

Connecting on a Mobile Device (iPad or Phone)

To connect on a mobile device you will need to install the Teams app. To use the app for the live event, you are not required to sign up for a account and can use the app as a guest.

Step 1:  Download the app

‎Microsoft Teams
‎Microsoft Teams
Price: Free
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Price: Free

Step 2: You should receive a live event URL that you can use to launch the event. When you are ready to join and have the teams app installed, click on this URL

Step 3:  The teams app should open and offer you the chance to join as a guest

Step 4: You can choose to enter a name that will be shown in the live event

Step 5: If you wish to use the Q&A system you can show the dialogue to use this via the icon below

Microsoft Teams – First Time User Help

Accessing Teams via a web browser

Go to:

Login with your school email address: e.g. and your school network password


Download the Teams Client onto your Device

Click this link to download the teams client for your Device –

Install the teams client and then Log in with your school email address: e.g. and your school network password

Read the first time introduction to use Microsoft Teams


iOS – Screen Recording

In this article we will demonstrate how to setup a staff iPad so that we can create a PowerPoint presentation video including narration.

Step 1: Enable the screen recording option in the control centre

Step 2: How to locate the screen record option

The screen record function is located in the control panel applet. This can be access via swiping down from the top right hand corner of the screen. The below clip shows how to expose the panel and start a recording. Ensure that you are saving to the Photos app and that your Mic icon is highlighted in red (enabled).

Step 3: How to prepare your PowerPoint for videoing

The below clip shows how to start your PowerPoint in full screen mode in preparation for creating the video.

Once you are familiar with operating PowerPoint. You can combine the recording function of the iPad in conjunction with the Presentation functions of PowerPoint

In this clip we prepare our PowerPoint in advance and get it onto the first slide in preparation. Once this is done, we then start the video record function of the iPad and then we can begin to orate over the iPad slides. We can use the swiping motion to move onto th next slide in the PowerPoint. Once the presentation is finish, we expose the control panel applet and end the recording.

Remote Working – Supporting Remote Working

Remote Working

Please find below guidance on working around problems you may occur when working remotely

Microsoft Teams

Q: How do I login to teams?

A: You use your school email address. i.e. and then your network password. You can login to teams here: Login to Teams

Q: The teams app is crashing for me

A: As a alternative try the accessing teams via your web browser here: Login to Teams

Q: Where can I download the teams client?

A: See this KB article for links to app stores: Download the team client

Q: I want to create a team for my class group

A: See the introduction for teaching with teams here: Introduction to teaching with teams

Remote Desktop

Q: How do I login to remote desktop?

A: You can find guidance on accessing remote desktop here: Remote Desktop

Q: I am struggling to login to Remote Desktop

A: Make sure you have the correct connection file from here . Depending on your device configuration you may need to enter your username in this format: ccs\username . You also might be prompted to login twice (Once to the gateway and again to the server)

Q: How do I print work at home?

A: Unfortunately the remote desktop does not have a direct connection to your home printer. One option is to email your work to yourself via your school email address as a attachment: Adding a attachment


Q: I want to add a shared mailbox to my webmail account

A: See the guidance here: Adding a share mailbox to OWA. This page also contain good guidance on send email on behalf of the shared mailbox

Q: I want to add a shared mailbox to the Outlook Mobile App

A: See guidance here: Adding a shared mailbox to Outlook Mobile


Q: I need to reset my password

A: See guidance here: Resetting your password

Q: I need to reset the password on behalf of a student

A: You can do this on the Staff remote desktop via the Password Reset client: Guidance

Remote Desktop – Struggling with Remote Desktop Performance? Alternative Remote Working Guidance

If you are working in a location that has limited broadband capacity or wireless is limited in certain parts of your residence, you may find that having a continuous connection to the Remote Desktop is not feasible. This could impact your ability to work on the remote desktop successfully. This article aims to give school users a alternative for working at home on their school files.

When using your own device, you can work around these problems by working directly to school resources on your own device. You can:
Connect to your school OneDrive account and sync it to your device
See how to connect OneDrive to your Device

Install Office to your device for free from your Office 365 account
Install office to your device

Work on shared faculty work via Microsoft Teams
Login to Teams

Outlook – Removing Cached Email Addresses

How to remove email addresses from the Auto-Complete List?

When you type the first 3 characters in the To: field, Outlook will show the nicknames and automatic completion cache as a drop down list. You may have addresses that you want to remove from this list. You can refer to the following steps to remove an address from this list or clear the entire list.

Note Your auto-complete list is not backed up. If you delete an entry or remove all entries from the auto-complete list, there is no way to recover this.

Office 365 Webmail (OWA)

Removing an address from your auto-complete list

  • In Webmail, click the New button to start composing a new email.
  • In the To: field, start typing an email address.
  • Click the “X” at the right on each address. or use the up and down arrows on your keyboard, select the email address you would like to remove from the suggested contacts list. Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Outlook 365

Removing an address from your auto-complete list

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click the Mail tab on the bottom of the screen so you are viewing your mailbox.
  • Click New Email.
  • In the new e-mail window, start typing the address you want to remove in the To: field. When it appears, click the X button next to the address.

Clearing out the entire auto-complete list

  • Open Outlook.
  • Click the File tab at the top of the screen.
  • Click Options.
  • In the “Outlook Options” window, click the Mail tab in the left hand pane.
  • Scroll down to “Send Messages” and click the Empty Auto-Complete List button.

OneDrive – Setting up the client on a Personal PC

Setting up the Windows Client

If you have not configured OneDrive before on your laptop

Step 1: Start the OneDrive Client from the Start menu

Step 2: Enter your school email address on the dialogue that appears

You will then be asked to enter your school network password. Once you have done this, there will be a series of configurations options. These will include which files and folders you want to sync and where on your device you want to sync them to. These are personal choices.

If you already have a OneDrive account configured (such as a personal OneDrive Account)

Step 1: Locate the OneDrive client running in the Taskbar, right click on the icon and from the menu that appears select “Settings”

Step 2: A dialogue will appear, select “add account”. The login dialogue will appear. Enter your school email address and password and make your selection from the options offered.

Setting up the Mac OS Client

Step One: If OneDrive has not been installed on your Mac before, install it from the Apple Store. You can use this link:

Step Two: Once the app has installed from the store, you can launch it from the MacOS Launchpad, the OneDrive login dialogue will then appear. Enter your school email address and when prompted your school password. You will be then asked where you want to store synced files on your mac and to confirm that the app should start when you login to your Mac.




Removing Signatures from email


Staff email accounts have a signature automatically applied to staff emails. This is to ensure a consistency of signature design and branding and to ensure the recipient can easily identify who has contacted them.

If you have set a signature in either Outlook webmail or the Outlook Desktop application, you will need to remove it. Otherwise you email will contain two signatures.

Clearing your signature on Webmail

Step 1

Login to Office 365 webmail

Click on the Settings cog in the search bar enter “email signature”, click on the menu option that appears


Clearing your signature on Outlook Desktop Application

Step 1

Open Outlook -> File -> Options

Step 2

From the left menu, click Mail and then click the Signatures button on the right.

Step 3

Select the signature you wish to delete and click the Delete button.

Running a SIMS update manually

When a update to SIMS is published at the server end, it will install on your client automatically. This process is timed though and can mean that your client is out of date when you first login. You will normally see a error message of “Incompatible Database” appear when you login if your SIMS client needs to be patched.

To manually update SIMS on your machine follow the below guide.

Step One: Find the solus client in the task bar and left click on it

Step Two: Click on the “applications” tab and then “Check for updates”

Step Three: If a update is available. You will be prompted to install it. Select “Yes”

Step Four: On the client screen. Select “Deploy Now”

SIMS will now begin to install in the background. Once this has finished you should be able to login again.


Printing – Fixing printer issues on a Desktop Machine

If you are missing printers or your prints are not releasing as expected, you can run a tool to fix these issues.

Under the letter P on the start menu, look for a icon called “Printer Assistant”





Run this program and then select the “Run fixes” button








This process will check your printer mappings and refresh the printer client.

SIMS Teacher App – Assessment

With the SIMS Teacher app, entering assessment data is quick and easy. Efficiently enter formative and summative judgements into the national curriculum programme of study and receive instant analysis on the same screen, helping you to monitor student performance. Quick access to this information helps teachers to focus on teaching and support pupil progress.

The SIMS Teacher app – General layout and navigation

The SIMS Teacher app has been designed with a simple easy-to-use interface, providing quick access to key information and class-based administration actions, including viewing student details, taking attendance, plus recording achievement and behaviour information.

Please view the video below for a overview

SIMS Teacher App – Associating your device

In order to access the SIMS Teacher app you will need the following information (these will be emailed to your staff email address):

• Device association code – this is required to authorise your Staff iPad for use with the SIMS Teacher app.
• Account activation code – this is required to authorise your Teacher app account to access the
school’s SIMS information.

2. You will need to enter your Date of Birth as recorded in the school’s SIMS system. This is a one-off check
for activation and is only needed for security.

3. To login you use your school Office 365 account to access the SIMS Teacher app.
This will be used as your username and password to access the App.

You enter your username in the following format “”

Activating the App

Enter the relevant Association Code that has been provided to you by ITS, then tap the Associate this device button.

Once the association code has been entered, you will see a confirmation message on-screen. You can now proceed to activating your teacher account.

If the device has been associated, you will be required to sign-in with an identity provider. Choose Office 365  – this will serve as the your login details for the Teacher app from this point onwards.

Enter the Unique Activation Code provided by ITS, plus your Date of Birth as recorded in the school’s SIMS system. Both of these pieces of data must match to access the

Once the correct details have been entered into the activation check, the SIMS Teacher app opens and is
available to use.

Activation details not recognised?

If you see an error message when entering the activation code or date of birth, please check the following:

  • Carefully check the information you are entering – the activation code is not case sensitive.
  • Check with ITS to check that the activation code is correct for you and
    re-enter it.
  • Check with HR that the date of birth recorded in your school’s SIMS system is correct
    and matches the date you are entering

Once logged into the Teacher app you need to set your own 4-digit PIN passcode. This will be used each time you access the Teacher app. The Teacher app uses an intelligent-sync to automatically download your lessons in the background. You can still use the app as normal while the data is downloading to take registration, record conduct, view your timetable or view student details.