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If your projector is not showing the screen as expected, please follow the checklist below:

  1. Is the PC set to Duplicate or Extend its screens?
  2. Are the ports all connected?
  3. Are both the PC and Projector turned on?
  4. Are you on the Remote Desktop?

Is the computer set to “Duplicate” its screen?

The PC needs to be set to show its screen on the projector. The easiest way to check this is via the keyboard combination:

 + P Key

Hold down the Windows key and tap the “P” key. This will show a menu that you can toggle the options on. Tap the “P” key until “Duplicate” is highlighted and then press enter. This will set the screen to be duplicated.

Are the Ports connected?

Teachers Classroom PC’s are generally connected to a Projector or Plasma TV. The connection to the projector will generally run from the PC to a socket on the wall and as a rule will use a VGA connection and cable.

Often a VGA connector is blue in colour on both the port on the PC and on the connector on the cable. On the Classroom PC’s, the HDMI connection will generally run from the PC to the PC’s monitor and will be white in colour on both the port and the cable connection.

If you have not image on the screen or projector, make sure that both ports a firmly connected at both ends.

Is the projector and the PC turned on?

Check that the LED lights are lit and green on the PC and Projector and that no red / orange LED’s are showing (which could indicate a failure).

Are you on the Remote Desktop?