Understanding the Remote Desktop

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The remote desktop system gives staff and students the ability to sign into a Windows desktop from a remote location. It supports connection from a home PC and across the wireless network on campus.

When you connect to the remote desktop, you are connecting to a server farm in the schools server room. This gives you the benefit of working on a desktop that is located on campus (access to file shares, printers and school software ) but also means that you are reliant on the performance of your wireless signal or internet connection for a solid connection.

This can be important when you are trying to perform tasks such as video playback or listening to streaming audio as these require a stronger signal than working on a Word document for example. Generally remote desktop should work very well for web browsing, office tasks (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook) and using desktop software and is our recommend method of working at home.

How do I know that I am on Remote Desktop?

In terms of using remote desktop to work, it looks and behaves no differently to a standard Windows installation. To make the distinction between a standard Windows PC and a remote desktop session, we have coloured the remote desktop task bar and start menu a shade of blue.

When you are on the remote desktop, a blue connection bar will also appear along the top of the window. You can use this bar to switch between remote desktop and the standard desktop, or to disconnect from the session.

Adding printers to my Remote Desktop session

By default your remote desktop session does not have any printer pre-mapped. This is because theoretically you could be accessing a session from anywhere on campus, so a default location cannot be presumed.

To add printers to your session, you use a program called “Map Printers”, this program can be found on the start menu, under the “This PC” section. This program only exists on Remote Desktop and is not used on a standard windows desktop.

Once the program has launched, you can select from various locations organised by location.

Once you have added printers to your session, they stay mapped until either your session is refreshed or you map a new location