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Credentials & Identification Card (Sixth Form Only)

Credentials control access to IT services. As a student, your network credentials will allow you to login to a lab PC and use your email and associated services at school and at home. If you have forgotten your password, you can ask your teacher to reset it for you.

ID Card (Sixth Form Only)

Your school ID card is created and maintained by IT Support. Collection of a new card or the request for a replacement is handled via the Study Centre Manager (Mr Bloor). You are required to wear your ID card at all times when on campus. Your ID card also allows you access through the Common Room security doors and allows you to release prints on the common room printer.

Print Release (Sixth Form Common Room)

Your Sixth Form ID card allows you to release prints sent to the Sixth Form Copier. For further guidance read – Printing – Sixth Form Copier

Remote Access

To give students access to school resources from home, around campus and on a personal device, we utilise a system known as Remote Desktop. This allows students to access to a full Windows Desktop, Subject software, Home Drive and the student file share via a connection client. To learn more about the Remote Desktop system refer to the below article:

Understanding Remote Desktop

The school also provides staff with 1TB of cloud (OneDrive) storage via Office 365, this used in conjunction with the Office Suite enables a student to do work on a home machine and continue where they left off back at work. OneDrive also support working on Tablet devices such as an iPad.

Your email account can be accessed through an app on your smart phone (we recommend the Outlook app as a fully featured client). We also recommend you check out some of the other mobile apps, such as OneNote or Office Lens to see if they can help you with your studies.

Storing Work on OneDrive
Free Office for Students
Outlook on Mobile Devices

Student IT Labs

The school has six main IT Labs in Secondary: E6, E12, E13, E14, D6, D7 and a IT Hub in Primary. The labs come with the faculty software and tools for media editing and design. You are expect to refrain from eating and drinking near a school PC.