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What is OneDrive?

Caroline Chisholm School OneDrive provides 1TB of free online storage. You can access your school OneDrive on any school PC via windows explorer or via the O: Drive on remote desktop.

You can access the files stored in OneDrive on your own personal devices, such as laptops, tablets and phones (iOS and Android). Your can download and upload from these devices. Files can be uploaded automatically from your laptop, so you never have to think about backing up your work. You can share files and and collaborate on them with your colleagues. We recommend that you use OneDrive as your primary file storage location during your time at Caroline Chisholm School.

OneDrive lets you:

  • Store and organise your private documents and other files in a secure location
  • Share files with other colleague’s and allow them to collaborate on them with you
  • Edit your files online
  • Store your OneNote notes and access them on any device
  • Access files on different devices (PC to Mobile phone for example)
OneDrive files can be synced across your devices

Accessing OneDrive in school

OneDrive is setup to be easily accessible on a school PC. Your OneDrive folder is automatically connected for you when you login to either a Desktop PC or the Remote Desktop. On a Desktop PC the OneDrive folder appears in windows explorer under the OneDrive icon. On the remote desktop it is mapped for you as the O: Drive (See image)

You can create and copy documents to your OneDrive storage in the same way as you would work with your home directory. Your files are then synced to Office 365 and will be available via the OneDrive apps on your personal devices. You can also view your work when you login to Office 365 via the waffle menu shown below:

To view OneDrive online, login to Office 365 with your school details and use the ‘Waffle’ to open the Office 365 launcher, you can then select “OneDrive” to view its contents.

Note: The first time you access OneDrive you will be shown a short introduction

Save to OneDrive

When using Office at school or on your own laptop, you can choose to directly save (or open) your work from OneDrive.