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In order to access the SIMS Teacher app you will need the following information (these will be emailed to your staff email address):

• Device association code – this is required to authorise your Staff iPad for use with the SIMS Teacher app.
• Account activation code – this is required to authorise your Teacher app account to access the
school’s SIMS information.

2. You will need to enter your Date of Birth as recorded in the school’s SIMS system. This is a one-off check
for activation and is only needed for security.

3. To login you use your school Office 365 account to access the SIMS Teacher app.
This will be used as your username and password to access the App.

You enter your username in the following format “”

Activating the App

Enter the relevant Association Code that has been provided to you by ITS, then tap the Associate this device button.

Once the association code has been entered, you will see a confirmation message on-screen. You can now proceed to activating your teacher account.

If the device has been associated, you will be required to sign-in with an identity provider. Choose Office 365  – this will serve as the your login details for the Teacher app from this point onwards.

Enter the Unique Activation Code provided by ITS, plus your Date of Birth as recorded in the school’s SIMS system. Both of these pieces of data must match to access the

Once the correct details have been entered into the activation check, the SIMS Teacher app opens and is
available to use.

Activation details not recognised?

If you see an error message when entering the activation code or date of birth, please check the following:

  • Carefully check the information you are entering – the activation code is not case sensitive.
  • Check with ITS to check that the activation code is correct for you and
    re-enter it.
  • Check with HR that the date of birth recorded in your school’s SIMS system is correct
    and matches the date you are entering

Once logged into the Teacher app you need to set your own 4-digit PIN passcode. This will be used each time you access the Teacher app. The Teacher app uses an intelligent-sync to automatically download your lessons in the background. You can still use the app as normal while the data is downloading to take registration, record conduct, view your timetable or view student details.