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Remote Working

Please find below guidance on working around problems you may occur when working remotely

Microsoft Teams

Q: How do I login to teams?

A: You use your school email address. i.e. and then your network password. You can login to teams here: Login to Teams

Q: The teams app is crashing for me

A: As a alternative try the accessing teams via your web browser here: Login to Teams

Q: Where can I download the teams client?

A: See this KB article for links to app stores: Download the team client

Q: I want to create a team for my class group

A: See the introduction for teaching with teams here: Introduction to teaching with teams

Remote Desktop

Q: How do I login to remote desktop?

A: You can find guidance on accessing remote desktop here: Remote Desktop

Q: I am struggling to login to Remote Desktop

A: Make sure you have the correct connection file from here . Depending on your device configuration you may need to enter your username in this format: ccs\username . You also might be prompted to login twice (Once to the gateway and again to the server)

Q: How do I print work at home?

A: Unfortunately the remote desktop does not have a direct connection to your home printer. One option is to email your work to yourself via your school email address as a attachment: Adding a attachment


Q: I want to add a shared mailbox to my webmail account

A: See the guidance here: Adding a share mailbox to OWA. This page also contain good guidance on send email on behalf of the shared mailbox

Q: I want to add a shared mailbox to the Outlook Mobile App

A: See guidance here: Adding a shared mailbox to Outlook Mobile


Q: I need to reset my password

A: See guidance here: Resetting your password

Q: I need to reset the password on behalf of a student

A: You can do this on the Staff remote desktop via the Password Reset client: Guidance