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The standard size for paper in the UK is A4. The majority of the printers on site will be set to use this paper size. When replacing paper in a printer, it is easy for the tray guides to be moved away from the A4 setting.

When replacing paper, ensure the tray guides are set back to A4.  If this setting is not used, there will is a increased likelihood of the paper being miss-fed into the printer and causing a jam.

Follow these steps to reload A4 size paper in the printer

  1. Grasp the underside / handle of the Tray, and then pull out the tray.
    If at any point the tray feels obstructed or difficult to move, stop and contact IT Support
    Figure : Pull out the paper tray

  2. Replace the paper (be careful not to overfill) Pinch the paper width guide tabs, and then slide them to line up with the A4 paper setting.
    Figure : Slide guides to match the A4 paper width

    Example Printer Tray Markers