Outlook Desktop – Not receiving emails (Need Password)

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Symptom: Email is not updating from a certain point in time.

Solution: Most likely cause of this problem is that your login credentials need to be re-entered into Outlook. Unfortunately the login box that you need to fill in can also be hidden behind the main Outlook window.

How do I know that I need to renew my Outlook credentials?

When outlook needs you to re-enter your credentials, it will show a yellow exclamation mark on its task bar icon.

On the Outlook window itself, in the bottom right hand corner, there will be a “Need Password” status. Click on this to open the login box

Once the login box appears. Enter your login details. Ensure to click “Remember my credentials”, as this will reduce the amount of times you need to re-enter your password in the future (You should only have to do it if you change your network password)