OneDrive – Setting up the client on a Personal PC

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Setting up the Windows Client

If you have not configured OneDrive before on your laptop

Step 1: Start the OneDrive Client from the Start menu

Step 2: Enter your school email address on the dialogue that appears

You will then be asked to enter your school network password. Once you have done this, there will be a series of configurations options. These will include which files and folders you want to sync and where on your device you want to sync them to. These are personal choices.

If you already have a OneDrive account configured (such as a personal OneDrive Account)

Step 1: Locate the OneDrive client running in the Taskbar, right click on the icon and from the menu that appears select “Settings”

Step 2: A dialogue will appear, select “add account”. The login dialogue will appear. Enter your school email address and password and make your selection from the options offered.

Setting up the Mac OS Client

Step One: If OneDrive has not been installed on your Mac before, install it from the Apple Store. You can use this link:

Step Two: Once the app has installed from the store, you can launch it from the MacOS Launchpad, the OneDrive login dialogue will then appear. Enter your school email address and when prompted your school password. You will be then asked where you want to store synced files on your mac and to confirm that the app should start when you login to your Mac.