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Microsoft has published two special online webinars since the event of the COVID-19 virus. These webinars discuss how to use teams for distance learning. If you are intereasted in this, please see the links below:

Online classes & lectures with all your students

Online meetings with student groups or anyone via their email

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative environment that allows staff to work with students in multiple ways via a simple interface.

You can:

  • Share files and teaching materials
  • Make announcements
  • Divide students into project groups and monitor progress
  • Create, distribute and grade quizzes
  • Distribute, collect and grade assignments
  • Access your faculty team

Getting Teams on your Mobile Device

‎Microsoft Teams
‎Microsoft Teams
Price: Free
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Teams Desktop client for Windows and Mac OS

Download Here

Starting our with Microsoft Teams

Please view the Microsoft guidance page for Microsoft Teams in Education here:

Getting Started with Teams in Education

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