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Standard Equipment / Room Requirements

A teaching room as standard provides the following equipment:

  • VGA Projector
  • Windows 10 PC
  • Audio Amplifier – 3.5mm Connection Jack
  • Filtered Internet / Wireless Access (credentials provided on arrival)

Requirements Outside of the Standard Specification

Provided on Request (via your staff contact on site)

  • Laptop (Office 2016, Internet Provision)
  • Amplified Microphone Speaker System (Available in Main Hall and Sixth Form Centre)

Provided by Speaker

  • Wireless Clicker
  • Apple TV
  • Printouts
  • VGA/HDMI conversion cables for Apple Mac Devices
  • Overhead Projector / Visualiser

Further Advice

  • If using Prezi, ensure that you can access the presentation via the internet and do not require the use of the client software to play the presentation
  • If bringing in a PowerPoint presentation, ensure all your assets (videos, images) are embedded into presentation file and not access on storage local to your network. If unsure, check with your companies IT provider or view Microsoft’s guidance
  • If bringing in your own Memory Stick, ensure it does not require software to be run to access it. This is often the case with encrypted memory sticks. If unsure you could email your presentation to the organising staff member on site to avoid this problem