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You can display your iPad screen on the Classroom PC’s via a program called AirServer. To Make the connection you have to follow the following process


Before you plan to use AirServer, ensure you are connected to the “TAB” wireless network. You do not need a wireless password to join, your iPad is already configured to use this network.

To limit the problems you may have connecting, remove the CCS-OpenWireless network from your iPad. Find out how here:  How to remove the CCS-OpenWireless Network

The Basics

  1. Start AirServer on the PC
  2. Use AirPlay on the iPad to start duplicating your iPad screen to the PC

Start AirServer

Find AirServer in the start menu

Launching AirServer will start the program. When running, it appears in the task bar notification area. The AirServer icon is a rectangle and a up arrow.

Connect on the iPad via AirPlay

To complete the connection between the iPad and AirServer, you need to use the iPad “control centre” and “Screen Mirroring” selector

To access the control centre, double press the home button (this is a physical button on the iPad)

You will then see a button with the text “Screen Mirroring” on it, tap this button and you should see your machine name. Tap the machine name and the connection will start


Machine names will generally reflect the room name / number the PC is in