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In this article we will demonstrate how to setup a staff iPad so that we can create a PowerPoint presentation video including narration.

Step 1: Enable the screen recording option in the control centre

Step 2: How to locate the screen record option

The screen record function is located in the control panel applet. This can be access via swiping down from the top right hand corner of the screen. The below clip shows how to expose the panel and start a recording. Ensure that you are saving to the Photos app and that your Mic icon is highlighted in red (enabled).

Step 3: How to prepare your PowerPoint for videoing

The below clip shows how to start your PowerPoint in full screen mode in preparation for creating the video.

Once you are familiar with operating PowerPoint. You can combine the recording function of the iPad in conjunction with the Presentation functions of PowerPoint

In this clip we prepare our PowerPoint in advance and get it onto the first slide in preparation. Once this is done, we then start the video record function of the iPad and then we can begin to orate over the iPad slides. We can use the swiping motion to move onto th next slide in the PowerPoint. Once the presentation is finish, we expose the control panel applet and end the recording.