Front of Class IT – Introduction

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Each CCS classroom comes equipped with a Front of Class PC. A standard room will have a projector and a audio system connected to the PC. Some rooms also have interactive whiteboards installed. More specialised rooms, such as the main hall, also have microphone support on top of the standard audio.

Diagnosing audio and visual problems

Checking the projection setup

Checking the audio setup


The PC’s come with the standard Office software and Media Editing software. These machines also come with subject specific software across site.

Video Playback, viewing web resources

When playing video or audio content we recommend you do this directly on the desktop and not via remote desktop (how do I know I am on remote desktop?). When you are using a remote desktop session you are connected to a remote server and processing the audio or video content remotely. This could lead to the video appearing degraded or the audio clipping. The same is also true for websites that have interactive content. Across a remote desktop session these sites may run slower than expected.

Interactive Whiteboards

Some rooms are also supplied with interactive whiteboards. Pens for the boards are generally kept in the corresponding staff base. The boards are powered and also connected to the PC via a USB cable. If the board is non responsive, make sure that it is both powered and that the USB cable is connected.