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Caroline Chisholm School gives users the option of using Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) to encrypt outgoing email messages. OME allows CCS Staff to send emails to external users, ensuring the message is transmitted securely, and visible only by the intended recipient.

How to send an encrypted message

  1. Create a new e-mail message (Either Webmail or a Outlook client). In the subject line, add either (encrypt) or (secure), including the parenthesis, along with the rest of your subject. Adding either of these two tags to your e-mail subject is what tells the e-mail system to encrypt your message.

2. Add the recipient(s) e-mail address(es), compose the message as you normally would, and hit Send when you’re finished. If you send an e-mail to a mix of CCS Staff and non-CCS recipients, the non-CCS recipients will receive an encrypted copy, and the CCS recipients will receive the message as normal. Always double-check the addresses to ensure that you’re sending the message to the intended recipient(s).

3. The recipient of your message will receive an e-mail informing them that they have an encrypted message waiting for them, and will be instructed on how to access it.

How to view an encrypted message

1. You will find an attachment in the email called message.html. The email should also have the following image at the bottom of the message. Save and open the message.html file, and follow the instructions contained in the attachment.

2. You will have the option to either use a Microsoft account to login and view the message (you will need to create one the first time if you don’t have an account already), or use a one-time passcode that will be emailed to you. If you expect to receive encrypted e-mails regularly we suggest that you create a Microsoft account. See the links below for additional instructions.

Using a Microsoft account to view an encrypted message

Use a one-time passcode to view an encrypted message