Data Protection – How to create a secure Zip file

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You may need to email a file to a third party that contains private information. To protect this data you will need to ensure it is encrypted and password protected. Staff machines have a program called WinZip installed that will allow you to created encrypted, password protected Zip file.


  • Do not attach the zip file and include the password in the same email
  • You should use a alternative communication methord to transfer the password to the third party i.e. Phone Call

Step 1: Right click on the file you want to protect and then select “Send to” -> “WinZip


Step 2: Tick “Encrypt added files” and then click “Add”

Step 3: Enter a password (use a complex password) – If unsure use

Step 4 – Your secure Zip file has now been created and can be emailed. When the third party tries to open the Zip, they will need to enter the password to view the files.