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We store an enormous amount of data at CCS and whilst lots of it is used every day in the classroom over 60% of data has not been access in the last 2 years and over 50% in the last 5 years!

As data grows, the time it takes to backup data grows, the amount of storage we need increases which all means additional and unnecessary costs.
We encourage staff to mark data for archive both in home area’s and file shares by moving work in to a single folder called ARC or place ‘ARC’ at the beginning of any folders to be archived.

It will support will then automatically move this data in to an archive area which will always be available to staff. Any data from personal documents will only be available to its owner and no other member of staff.

Below is an example of how a department or member of staff may mark their files for archive

Alternatively, you may wish to visit IT support who can assist you with this.