Connecting to a Teams Public Live Event

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Connecting on a Desktop or Laptop

Occasionally the school will arrange public live events via our Microsoft Teams platform. The following guide will show you how to join a event from your home PC.

Step 1: You will receive a live event weblink. You use this link to join the event at the specified time. You can join the live event before it starts if you wish to be prepared.

Step 2: You can view the live event via the link using your devices web browser. You may be prompted to install the Microsoft Teams application, but you are not required to do this to view the event.

Step 3: Select Join Anonymously

Step 3: If the live event supports Q&A you can open the sidebar via the icon highlighted and ask a question via the “Ask a question” button. Answers may either appear in the sidebar or via the live speaker hosting the event.

Connecting on a Mobile Device (iPad or Phone)

To connect on a mobile device you will need to install the Teams app. To use the app for the live event, you are not required to sign up for a account and can use the app as a guest.

Step 1:  Download the app

‎Microsoft Teams
‎Microsoft Teams
Price: Free
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Step 2: You should receive a live event URL that you can use to launch the event. When you are ready to join and have the teams app installed, click on this URL

Step 3:  The teams app should open and offer you the chance to join as a guest

Step 4: You can choose to enter a name that will be shown in the live event

Step 5: If you wish to use the Q&A system you can show the dialogue to use this via the icon below