Office 2016 – Compressing images in Office documents

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Reducing the overall file size of a document can help when emailing, printing and general use of a document. Most file size reduction can be achieve via image compression. For example a 200Mb document, could be reduced to a 2Mb document. A reduction of 99% of the file size.

To compress the images in a document, firstly select any image in the document. The “Picture Tools” tab will appear.

From the options under this tab, select “Compress Pictures”

Ensure the below options are selected. Under “Target Output” you can select different levels of compression. The saving section at the top of the dialogue will show you how much each of these options will save you in file space. Select “Compress” when ready.

Once the progress bar has finished, you will need to save the document to commit the changes. If you for example print before saving, you will still be sending the 200mb document to the printer.