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As a Sixth Form student at Caroline Chisholm School it is advantageous to bring your own device with you to aid your learning. As a school, we are increasingly shifting our resources online and collaborating through services such as Microsoft Teams. It is very likely that a lot of your lessons will include a digital element to them and that nearer exam time revision materials will be provided to you via online services.

Therefore we strongly recommend bringing your own device to school to aid your day to day learning.

Key Facts

  • Wireless internet is available site wide
  • Office 365 is available for free to students, no need to purchase a license whilst learning with us
  • Assignments and other class materials will be delivered in a digital format
  • School work can be accessed at home and at school
  • The type of device you need may vary depending on the courses you are taking

Click here to find out how to download office for your device

Supported Devices

The majority of course material will be delivered online, this means that most of it will be viewable via a web browser or via applications such as Microsoft Teams. This allows you to be more flexible when deciding on a device to bring to school. If for example you prefer to use a iPad, then the majority of course material will be accessible on this device. If you wish to use a Chromebook the same is also true.


You do also need to consider the limitations of these platforms and if the courses you are choosing to take require any traditional desktop applications. If for example you are taking Computer Science, you may have a requirement to use software such as Unity or Blender. If you are taking a course that relies on a lot of submitted documents, you may wish to choose a device that can run the desktop version of office. If unsure of the course requirements, check with the Sixth Form Team.

Base Recommendation

Windows 10 Laptop

  • Processor i5 or AMD Equivalent (Currently AMD Ryzen 5)
  • 256 SSD Hard Disk
  • 8GB of Ram
  • 14 – 15inch Screen
  • 7 Hour + battery life

Benefits: Supports the full Office Package (Free from the school), OneDrive file sync, Teams Client, Curriculum Software.

Note: These Office 365 Services are also available on other platforms but functionality and experience may vary. Some curriculum software may not be available on mobile platforms (such as iPad)