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If you are experiencing audio problems, you can check some of the basics with the below guide.

Is the PC set to mute or a low volume

On the right hand side of the task bar, there should be a volume icon that you can increase and decrease using the mouse pointer.

Is the Amplifier turned off or set the wrong input set?

There are generally two types of amplifier used in the school.

The first kind is a more traditional style home amplifier

Generally the volume should be set to half way or a little over (You risk damaging the speakers if set too high) and the input should be set to “CD” or “DVD”.

The second style is the compact Nuvo amp.

This amp has two audio inputs that can be switched between and a volume control. There should be a cable running from the input connection to the PC. The volume control can either be a push button or a turn-able knob.

Check that there are cables attached between the PC and the Amplifier

For sound to work correctly, there needs to be a cable running between the PC and the AMP. If it is connected correctly, it should be inserted into the Green socket. The Blue socket is for Microphones. The audio cable will generally have a green connector to signify the socket it should be in.